Unlike other pages in this blog, this page act as information dump about myself where I don’t have to worry about writing useless sentences.

How do I see myself?

  • I used to think I’m a bit weird, turns out everyone are!
  • I consider myself really bad at communicating things, especially feelings.
  • I feel like I’m lacking attachment to life.
  • I feel like I’m too harsh on others or myself (sometimes).
  • I’m one of those people that is really quiet at first then become noisy after getting familiar (sometimes).

Life philosophy?

🚧 Warning: I’m still in a neverending existential crisis, so this section might change like a rollercoaster ride over the time.

Recently I learnt about stoicism through wikipedia, and I find it great on teaching me how to face life. Knowing the principles and applying it are two different matters though.

Rationalism is also a thing that I learnt from this article.

For now I’m trying to align myself with stoism and rationalism.

Life goals?

Oof, thats a hard question. For now, I just want to be in a state where being alive doesn’t feel like living hell. To achive that, my strategies are:

  • I need to accept what I have right now
  • I should not be sad for things I don’t have
  • I should improve something day-by-day, whether it’s living condition, knowledge, or fitness


I listen to Japanese songs almost all the time.

My older sister listens to Alice Nine years ago, maybe around 2009? As the little brother who likes to copy what the older sibling does, I started listening too and explored other Japanese band. And that continues until now, I still listen to Japanese songs even though I don’t speak Japanese.

I don’t have a specific genre I liked. A good music is a good music, regardless of the genre (good based on my ears and brain).

If I had to mention one, maybe it’s the type of song where at least 2 vocals are singing at the same time with different lyrics. In regular conversation, this kind of voice overlap is usually chaotic. But in a good song composition, there is harmony in it, just like how multiple instruments produce a good melody. I think it’s called polyphony but I’m not too sure.

Some example songs are:

  • “Abysal Zone” by Nornis
  • “Ray of Hope” by Nornis
  • “divergence -Yumemiru Futari-” by Meramipop & nayuta
  • “刹那ティックコード” by ときのそら & AZKi
  • “餞の鳥” by D/Zeal

Random facts

  • I am born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1997 during the financial crisis.
  • I survived the 1998 riots as a baby.
  • I have never met nor seen both of my grandfathers ever, even as a baby.
  • My first name, Yosua, is not given by my parents.
  • I dropped out of college to focus on working as my parents are retired or don’t work for health reasons.
  • I’ve been working as software engineer since 2018.
  • I’ve been working from home since 2019.
  • I hiked Mt. Semeru (3676m) as my first mountain, reached the top and survived! (Thanks KF mountaineers)