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Updated on 24th March, 2024, from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Back to (indoor) cycling

Spent part of 2023 running for exercises. Turns out it’s pretty fun! But not when the air quality outside is bad. Back to indoor cycling it is for 2024. I need to prepare and train for Bromo KOM anyway (assuming I got the ticket).

Update: I got the ticket! Stayed awake at 3 a.m. to buy the ticket, totally worth it.

Elixir is cool

I’m so tired dealing with JS ecosystem. Every time I tried to use another language for hobby project, it didn’t stick around. Deno did, but it’s still JS, kinda. Until I found Elixir. I don’t exactly know why, but I kinda liked it. There’s Erlang/OTP, BEAM, Phoenix LiveView, mix, and Ecto there. Feels like adventuring a whole new world ✨. Currently going through “Programming Phoenix LiveView” by Bruce A. Tate. Probably will take a year to finish it at my current pace though 😂.

Tasty soap

I thought I don’t really care about soap smell. They’re all soap right? I was proven wrong. Recently I tried using “For Back” by Pelican. And I really, really liked the smell. Their website describe the smell as herbal citrus. If it’s edible, I would take a bite. Sadly it’s not. But still, nice smells motivates me to take a bath on every chance.