Some times, I just need to do it. I feel like, if I were to do planning, and do it later when I have “free time”, it will never happen.

2 days ago, my coworker said “Aww, Discord doesn’t have built in command for random number picker :(”. I jokingly replied “I can build that”. Probably nobody expected me to actually build it. Not even me at the time.

Later on, I continue working as usual, but it was a bad day. I keep getting the same red error screen of death until the end of work day. Feeling defeated, I don’t want to end my day like this.

Then I remembered the earlier random number picker conversation. I will build that, it should be a good refresher. I have no good reason why I decided so. There are probably Discord apps that provide it already. There are probably countless of website that could do that for you with extra browser clicks.

Fast forward few hours later. I did it!

gif showing the built random number picker in Discord

Showcase of Bernard in action

It probably took around 5 hours. Mostly spent on reading Discord documentation on how to do it.

I put the code over here. Yeah, it doesn’t have tests. Yes, it’s a bit messy. But hey, I’m still proud of it. My previous post is all about me not being able to focus on doing 1 thing. And the fact that I could focus long enough to finish is a good thing!

Post 2 of #100DaysToOffload.