I’ve been using Zwift with a Wahoo Kickr for a while. But graphs in Zwift isn’t fancy enough. I want ✨fancy✨ graphs like in intervals.icu.

So I’ve been downloading FIT files from Zwift manually, transfer them to my phone, and use HealthFit to sync them to other places, including intervals.icu.

Here comes the main topic, the workout in Zwift always show current power output. But when I check the workout in intervals.icu, it says no power data 🤔.

I thought it’s just FIT file from Zwift doesn’t contain the power data when exported. Turns out that’s not the case. When the exported FIT file is opened using FIT File Viewer, I can see the power data. Same thing when the FIT file uploaded to intervals.icu directly, power is there.

So the issue was between HealthFit <-> intervals.icu. I did a short internet search but couldn’t find people with similar issues. End up sending an email to HealthFit support about this.

The reply got is this:

From S. Lizeray

Apple Health does not support cycling power, only running power. Hence it can’t be uploaded to the fitness platforms.

Okay, so it’s not a HealthFit issue, apparently it is an Apple Health limitation?

I did another search and found some lead:

From slizeray

HealthFit mirrors Apple Health and Apple Health is the only source of truth for HealthFit.

In addition, power data is not supported in Apple Health, so there is no power data in it.

Hey, this confirms it!

I guess this means I would just stop using HealthFit and upload FIT files directly to intervals.icu if I want to see the power data 🥺.

P.S. Shoutout to Stéphane Lizeray, I’m not sure if this person is a one person army building HealthFit, but thanks for HealthFit, fast support response, and all the informative replies in intervals.icu forum.

P.S.S. Dear Apple, I wish power data is supported in Apple Health 🙏.

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