After 10 years of owning a desktop PC, I finally bought my first UPS!

Initially I planned to buy an UPS way earlier, but keep holding off from buying for various reasons. It’ll be hard to move places if I have UPS. It probably won’t solve my badly grounded wirings in my place. What about compatibility with PFC active PSU? Macbook chargers? Oh no, the vendor recommends using cable under 2m from the socket to UPS for best operation. I don’t have that kind of close-to-floor sockets in my place.

Ah, fuck it. I’m tired having my PC crashing down whenever there’s power outage in my area. That’s what I thought last week.

I quickly search around and try to find which brand has decent quality and support in my country. APC it is. I still need to buy a watt-meter though to figure out which model buy. Definitely buying a line interactive one though1.

After I’m done measuring all my equipment watt usage, I decided to buy this guy, APC BVX1200LI-MS. Rated for 1200VA and max 650W.

Today, this bad boy arrived. So I’m going to leave it to charge overnight and test it tomorrow morning.

Front side of the UPS.

Front look of the UPS.

Test run done, work just fine under normal load so far. It also free up 2 slot from my usual power strip, which is great!

Post 10 of #100DaysToOffload.

  1. This person bought a non-line interacive PSU, which is not very useful according to their experience. ↩︎