TIL inlay hints for TypeScript already exists on VSCode1. I thought it was a Deno only thing2.

First time I saw inlay hints was on a Rust codebase few years ago3. Initially I thought it was annoying, pushing unfinished code around with hints.

But now, after spending few days with inlay hints enabled by default on a Deno codebase, I love inlay hints4! It’s like my dream of named args in TS came true56.

Sure using object destructure kinda works as a workaround. But there are times where the function is coming from a 3rd party SDK or used in hundred different places. And it was really hard to read and understand all those pesky inline booleans.

From today, those issues are no longer a thing!

Comparison of TS inlay hints off vs on.

Comparison of TS inlay hints turned off vs on. Left is off; right is on.

These inlay hints settings are configured under typescript.inlayHints.* in the settings.json.

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