I know that YouTube is a product owned by a megacorp. I’m not entitled to any of it’s features. But it’s still frustating when a button or dropdown is not there when I want to click on it.

Few months ago they removed the ability to sort from the oldest video in a channel. Leaving only sort alphabetically and from the most popular video. So if I I’m interested in a channel and want to see the older videos, I need to scroll all the way to the bottom, loading every videos in-between.

But now, the dropdown itself is gone! No more channel videos sort for me.

Is it a technical limitation? Operating at the scale of YouTube would probably have problems I’ll never encounter in my whole life.

Or is it decided by the higher ups after looking at some numbers? An arbitrary decision because only small percentage of the users click on the dropdown.

I probably will never know why they removed the sort dropdown.

Or why they keep changing the border radius.

Or why they reintroduced the dark theme as “ambient mode”.

Or why they keep stuffing things in channel name row when watching a video, so I can only see 5 chars of the channel name and 6 buttons in the same row.

Or why they make only 8 playlists visible at a time when saving a video. At least give me an inline search or show a bigger modal.

Or why they keep pushing for Shorts to my face.

My biggest gripe is that they never communicate most of these changes. One day you open the website and part of the website just changed. It could be a slap-in-the-face or did-this-text-size-increase-by-one-px kind. You’ll never know until you checked it.

Bonus: I did not expect to see a private video notice on an official page.

A private video embed in YouTube Select product page.

A private video embed in YouTube Select product page. Screenshot taken on 2022-12-21 from Indonesia. I can see it was not private on 2022-12-20 from this Wayback Machine snapshot.

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