Keeping track of things I’m using daily.



  • Office supplied MacBook Air M1 from 2020
  • iPhone X from 2018
  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running Pi-hole, a relic from 2015 offline because I ran out of electric sockets
  • MacBook 15" from 2015 for home server (Home Assistant etc.)
  • A custom desktop with Intel i7-7700K, 32 GB of RAM, 512 GB NVMe SSD, 2 TB HDD, and GTX 1070. This thing has been reduced into a glorified video player and SSH client these days. Even the case power button is dead, so I need to use external button.

Keyboard / Mouse


  • ViewSonic XG2431, 24", IPS, a 240Hz-capable monitor that run on 50Hz for coding
  • Dell U2417H, 24", IPS


  • Audio Technica ATH-M50x from 2016
  • AfterShokz Aeropex AS800 bone conducting headset from 2021
  • Yamaha AG06: an overkill mixer to consolidate audio sources so I can hear them all at once.
  • Sony SRS-XB10 Bluetooth speaker thats wired to the audio mixer all the time.
  • Samson Meteor Microphone that rarely gets used these days because I sound the same as using a MacBook mic on calls.



CLI programs

For CLI, non exhaustive list are over here written in Nix for my personal NixOS config.

Browser extensions

  • uBlock Origin best content blocker ever
  • Link Hints because touchpad sucks
  • Bitwarden for password manager
  • Violentmonkey for userscript, or whatever monkey it is that isn’t bought by shady company yet
  • 10ten reader for reading Japanese kanji

Sport-ware? (mainly cycling)


  • Polygon Strattos S3 road bike, frame size 56 cm, a gift from my sister from 2018
    • Shimano Sora groupset
    • Shimano CS-HG50 12-25T 9-speed cassette
    • Continental Ultra Sport III tire because they have black-yellow tire matching with my bike color scheme



  • Zwift for indoor cycling & training
  • for tracking and planning
  • Strava for sharing activities
  • HealthFit for syncing activities between apps. Using built-in integrations these days.
  • JOIN for cycling training planner


  • 2024-05-05: add JOIN cycling training planner
  • 2024-01-28: add RC7 shoes
  • 2024-01-16: removed Nike Run Club, replaced with Garmin built-in planner
  • 2024-01-04: add new Garmin watch
  • 2023-10-01: add RAM, air monitor and running gears
  • 2023-08-17: initial version